League Rules

The League Rules

These League Rules and Playing Rules shall be overridden by the “Terms and Conditions of Business” which shall always prevail in the event of any dispute, ambiguity or inconsistency.


As the team captain you are agreeing to the playing rules and terms of conditions of business for the league as set out below and on the website. It is the responsibility of the captain to be the primary contact for the team and all players involved. By allowing a player to take part in a clubs match, you are confirming that a plyer is aware of and will abide by these rules.

    1. Joining
      • 1.1 When a team joins our league they are committing to the duration of one entire season or a period of 10 weeks, whichever is longer.
      • 1.2 A team shall always be automatically entered into next season unless formal notice of withdrawal has been served by the team captain.
    2. Flexi-squad system
      • 2.1 We operate a ‘flexi-squad system’ so teams do not have to register players before a game and can use any amount of players during the season, as long as they do not conflict with any other team in the same division. All players must be nominated to a team but not registered.
    3. Guest player rule
      • 3.1 A team is allowed no more than two guest players on a match night and all guest players should be agreed before kick-off with the opposing captain and the referee.
      • 3.2 The referee reserves the right to refuse or accept guest players if, in his opinion, the outcome of the match would be considerably influenced.
      • 3.3 If a guest player is disciplined during the game then the team captain is responsible for any fine incurred.
      • 3.4 A guest player cannot play more than 2 games per night (for example, 1 game for nominated team plus 1 game as a guest player only)
      • 3.5 Guest players can only be used to fulfill the basic squad of five. Teams may not use guest players as substitutes
      • 3.6 If a team uses a guest player, that team is still liable to pay their full match fee
    4. Payments
      • 4.1 The team match fee shall be determined by us, this may change from time to time. The match fees are payable before the game commences.
      • 4.2 If the full match fee is not received then we shall implement the ‘NO PAY – NO PLAY’ procedure.
      • 4.3 Failure to pay fees on any occasion shall be deemed a breach of competition rules and the organisers reserve the right to remove the team from that competition.
      • 4.4 The team captain is responsible for all team underpayments and match fee arrears. Any monies owed shall be recovered.
      • 4.5 We reserve the right to withhold any trophies from teams that have monies owning from debt accrued throughout any season/s.
      • 4.6 A match official will be made available the organisers. An appropriate proportion of the fee collected from your team will be passed on to the official on your behalf by the organisers.
    5. Dismissal & Bans
      • 5.1 If a player is dismissed then he should leave the pitch immediately. Failure to do so will result in the referee automatically awarding the match to the players opponents.
      • 5.2 For consistency, it is the sole decision of Night League Manager and Match Night Leagues, League Manager who can ban players from Match Night Leagues.
      • 5.3 If a Player is banned from a facility/venue Match Night Leagues must respect the wished in all instances.
    6. The Sin Bin
      • 6.1 If a player is shown the yellow card then he is sin-binned for two minutes and must wait behind his own goal until the match official instructs the player to come back onto the field of play. If the player refuses to leave the pitch immediately then a red card and dismissal will occur. The referee shall be the sole timekeeper in cases of sin-bin.
    7. Time wasting
      • 7.1 In small-sided football match officials are instructed to take a more active approach towards time wasting.
      • 7.2 If a player is guilty of time wasting at any point then the referee has full discretion to either award a free kick or a penalty kick as he see fit.
    8. Health and Safety
      • 8.1 All participants understand that these events are contact sports and contain risk to the person participating for which the organiser cannot be held responsible.
      • 8.2 All participants agree that we have no control over the safety of the premises we hire, or persons admitted to the venues we hire and it is the sole responsibility of the team captain to ensure their team’s players do not start any game unless they are satisfied that the surface and other conditions are satisfactory and safe for the activity in question having due regard for the participants. We cannot be held responsible for any defects to the venue which may cause injury and all team captains understand this when participating.
      • 8.3 Team captains must inspect the pitch and playing conditions and must report any issues prior to their game commencing to the match official on duty otherwise it will be deemed that the team captain and their players have accepted any risks and any ensuing liability for any subsequent injury.
    9. Additional
      • 9.1 Please note that the Team Captain is responsible for the conduct of all players and all spectators connected with the team. Failure to control the conduct of players or spectators will result in the Team Captain being responsible for any resulting fines being paid in full
    10. Leaving
      • 10.1 A team can only leave at the end of a season.
      • 10.2 To withdraw from the league the team captain MUST give at least 2 weeks notice before the end of that current season.
      • 10.3 The team must then fulfil the remainder of that seasons fixtures and shall be withdrawn before the new season commences.
      • 10.4 The team can only give notice by calling us so that their position can be discussed and agreed. Notice cannot be submitted via email, social media or at an event.
      • 10.5 Any team that leaves the league without 2 weeks notice or before the end of the season will be liable for the remaining match fees.
    11. League format
      • 11.1  The competition shall be played on a league basis. The league if appropriate shall consist of one or more divisions containing several teams with promotion & relegations. 13.2 Matches shall be played once a week. Teams shall play each other once or twice over a period of several weeks. Three (3) points shall be awarded for a win, one (1) point for a draw and zero (0) points for a loss.
    12. Promotion and Relegation
      • 12.1 At the end of the season the one or two highest ranked teams in each division (except the top division) shall be promoted.
      • 12.2 At the end of the season one or two lowest ranked teams in each division shall be relegated.
    13. Absences
      • 13.1 If a team is absent for a fixture without giving proper notice the opposition shall be awarded the game.
      • 13.2 Where a team is absent for 2 fixtures during the competition, we reserve the right to remove the team from the competition and all monies paid shall be forfeit.
      • 13.3 If a team has no opposition as they are absent, to claim the points they must be available to play and have paid the relevant match fee. If this is not the case than they shall be also deemed absent.
      • 13.4 If a team is late by more than 5 minutes or do not have enough players they are deemed to be absent.
    14. Abandoned games
      • 14.1 In all cases where Match Night Leagues is satisfied that a game has been abandoned through the fault of one of the teams, the match shall be awarded to their opponents.